Janegee Massage-Alchemy For Your Body

Enjoy a unique body experience utilizing techniques from the following:
30min / $45
60min / $85
90min / $125

Prenatal Massage

Feel supported with this wonderful massage to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy, aches, pains, nervous tension, anxiety, sleeplessness. 30min / $45
60min / $85

Ayurvedic Hot Sea Stone Massage

A unique blend of crystals, sea stones, chakra balancing, essential oils and traditional ayurvedic techniques to both relax and awaken 75min / $125
105min / $160

Available 60 Minute Packages

Buy 5 janegee massages 380 (save $45)
Buy 10 janegee massages 765 (save $85)


Reiki is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being to the body. 30min / $45
60min / $75

Available 60 Minute Package

5 sessions 300 (save $75)

Lymphatic Drainage

De-stress, Relax, Purify
This head to toe treatment is deeper than a regular massage and more
effective than manual drainage. Combining an Infrared sauna blanket,
bio-drainer, colored light therapy and custom botanical blends you
will achieve a full body detox. Partner with a detox to achieve
ultimate results.
60min / $150

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