Scrub Your Floor, Not Your Face

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Scrub Your Floor, Not Your Face

Skincare can be simple: keep it balanced and your skin does the work for you.


Did you know that you might be damaging your skin by doing things to it that you have been told to do your whole life? There’s hundreds of different exfoliants, peels, and soap brands marketing towards skincare. However, these products are actually doing more harm than good.


Don’t use surfactants on your face

Surfactants (scrubs, soaps, anything that foams) will strip your skin of precious oils and over stimulate your oil glands. Your skin may become clogged and develop a surface that has been stripped and dried out. This results in a dry surface and infection underneath. These types of products are especially bad on oily and acne skins.


Don’t exfoliate or scrub your face

Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin destroys the natural rhythm of your skins cellular exchange. It will cause hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, and misshapen pores.


When you artificially scrub your skin, you are constantly stimulating the skin and activating melanin from the deeper layers of the skin. This causes hyperpigmentation, brown marks, and an uneven surface. It’s important to keep the stratum corneum (top layer of your skin) intact and tight. If this barrier is in place, the skin can function correctly, allowing each layer to perform its given action.


Over exfoliating can cause the skin to become more sensitive, with a thicker stratum corneum. Which in turn causes problems with absorption. This means it can be harder to treat your skin with cleansers, serums, and moisturizers. Exfoliating can also break capillaries, causing redness and sensitivity. This damage is often difficult to treat and at time irreversible.

We’ve been told for years that exfoliating, scrubbing, or peeling is the only way to deeply cleanse.  Did you know that your skin naturally exfoliates itself? Our skin is designed to exfoliate naturally every 7 days. We believe that nature knows best.  When you use chemicals and surfactants on the skin, or artificially exfoliate, you destroy your skin’s barrier and disrupt the natural cycle of your skin.

Support your skin by using a good, healthy cleanser free of chemicals/ synthetics, hydrate your skin correctly, and detox it regularly, your skin will take care of itself.  It’s unnecessary to force your skin to do what it already does naturally. Your skin will love you for it.

A good cleanser and a weekly detox are vital in keeping your skin healthy and feeling its best. Using a janegee Clay Mask is a great way to detox your skin. When the clay is mixed with water, it becomes electrically charged, causing it to bind with the heavy metals, pollution, dirt, and debris in your skin. When you wash off the clay, you’re also washing away all of these toxins. When the skin is healthy, the top layer (stratum corneum) naturally rubs off which stimulates the basal layer which in turn creates new cells. We call this the cellular exchange.


When you use products based in nature, your body understands botanical ingredients. When chemicals are used, the health of your skin starts to break down and can cause inflammation, free radicals, and even wrinkles!  Remember there is no magic formula in a bottle! Healthy beautiful skin is a partnership between you, your product, your skin professional, and what you eat. Make sure you’re eating healthy food that is as close to nature as possible. Get rid of processed food and excess sugar. Know where your food comes from. Embrace botanical natural products with NO chemical preservatives in them. The result will be healthy, happy, beautiful skin.


If you have any questions, feel free to call, email or comment below. You can also schedule a consultation to meet with Jane to discuss your specific skin and learn the best ways to care for it.


Remember, scrub your floors, not your face!


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