Find Your Truth

“Women are strong. But there’s too much stress. They need to take a breath and know that something wonderful can happen if they just have the courage to take the next step.”

For Jane Gee – a certified Holistic Esthetician, aromatherapist, and flower essence practitioner – that next step was the founding of janegee. And, yes, wonderful things have happened. But before that there was a lifetime of fascination with nature’s healing powers.


Down Under and under nature’s spell.

As a child in Australia, Jane’s earliest influences were her mother, who had a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship, and her father, always immaculately groomed, who introduced her to the healing powers of herbs. She learned the Latin names and the properties of the herbs as a child, studied at Australia’s renowned Ella Bache College of Skin and Beauty Therapy and, later, in France. After traveling the world, she settled in the United States.

Along the way, Jane developed an intimate knowledge of natural skin care. As she puts it, "I can usually tell if a product is good by the way it feels on my skin."


A new start in New Hampshire.

Today, Jane continues to pursue her passion by creating the janegee line of high-quality, all natural skin care products and guiding others in the use of natural essences to better themselves. “Achieving great skin and hair is simple,” says Jane, “it’s all about understanding the vital relationship between your body and what you put in it. Skin and hair understand natural ingredients.” Jane also strongly believes that beautiful things make you feel beautiful, filling you with appreciation and an empowering joy. So janegee also curates a collection of handcrafted home provisions. You’ll find them (and Jane) at our location in downtown Portsmouth. To Jane, and those who know her, it’s clear this is what she was meant to do. “Every woman has a truth, a purpose, she just needs to step into it.” We’re so glad she did.


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